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Down the stretch, we had a lack of poise, lack of execution, we picked up a technical foul. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. HOT AND COLD. Very important from a letter carrier’s perspective, Charley Horses have been linked to low levels of magnesium, sodium, potassium, or calcium, all minerals found caked on our dainty Postal undergarments after a particularly scorching day. To alleviate this mineral loss, doctors recommend drinking water throughout the day to avoid dehydration, and also advise the consumption of sports drinks containing high levels of electrolytes, such as Gatorade. From my experience, however, on a really hot day you can do all of these things, eat more bananas then the Silverback Gorilla in the enclosure at the San Diego Zoo, and still get booted by a particularly ornery Charley Horse.

Ok so my friend Stephanie just doesnt understand the Tyler Oakley fandom. She doesnt think it exist and i swear to god tyler please help me. Like omg i think i just cried. As far as we know no one has actually tried this but it is theoretically possible. It might work or it might not. Men can sometimes lactate like a woman so why wouldn’t they be able to carry a baby? Well, hormones might be an issue.

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When most folks take a picture of the moon they usually point their camera at it and fire away. What they wind up with usually looks like a small white blob. Not exactly what you had in mind is it? If their camera has a zoom they’ll most likely give this a try and wind up with just a bigger white blob.