A cow orker claims that automobiles could be getting much better mileage than what’s currently available, via better carburetors, fuel injectors, etc., but the big oil companies find these innovative companies, buy them up, and pay the inventors to keep their mouth’s shut. I tend to discount such theories. For one, I think there are too many smart people to keep quiet, especially once people know that something’s possible.

Blyth, A. Seen, J. Krushka, B. God TimingHe will decide the last milestone for each of us and when we return to our heavenly home. Be excited about the revealed knowledge He has given upon your course. Be excited to serve in ways He sees fit and eager to share His roadmap with all who desire to explore the same road trip toward heaven..

If you liked Serial for its suspense, try Welcome to Night Vale. Looking for cliffhangers, hidden clues, and lots of goosebumps? Tune in twice a month for the news from Night Vale, a mysterious desert town. At first, the weather updates and farm reports don seem odd, but you quickly discover that something very, very strange is happening.

Like, oh, boy, this isn good. No feelings of animosity towards Chris. Tonight conversation shifts to current events, Romney offers her thoughts on Obamacare, specifically the level or truthfulness the president has shown since the inception of his healthcare plan:.

That is extremely weird and I haven come across an error like this with anything less than 50 100 units on the battlefield recently (and even then it been doing great as of the last changes). I 100% believe you, it just that I can imagine what causing those errors and no other players have reported it to me. Sadly, I have to release a new beta with more log information regarding this error and probably only then have enough clues to figure it out..

Once in a negative state, it’s easy to perpetuate the state and go on and on with a continual list of negatives. When you hear all the negatives of a situation, a natural tendency, even if it involves yourself, is to argue against the list.Could there be any harm in talking a sad selfie video?To repeat: This is NOT a researched method or ANY kind. It’s simply a personal story of what helped me.

India’s World Cup 2019 semi final clash with New Zealand is expected to be hit by light showers in Manchester on Tuesday. According to the British met department, the sky will be partly cloudy throughout the day but a no result is unlikely to happen at the Old Trafford. Even in case of a wash out, the semi final match between India and New Zealand will resume on the reserve day on Wednesday.