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That’s right, Hot Tub Time Machine. The popular 2010 John Cusack movie was filmed largely in Fernie, some of the filming locations include Main Street (2nd Ave), The Brickhouse on 2nd Ave, The Plaza at Fernie Alpine Resort. Stop by and see if you can recognize Fernie disguised as the fictional Kodiak Valley from the movie.

Lynch, of South Boston, said his hesitation is based in part on the fact that he depleted much of his existing campaign funds last year in his failed US Senate bid. His latest campaign finance report shows he has $275,000 remaining in his House account. Coakley had prosecuted two political figures, former state Representative Brian P.

Clark County is facing some tough decisions when it comes to the new round of budget cuts facing the school district. In order to make the best informed decisions about how to proceed, CCSD is hosting a Town Hall meeting to get feedback directly from the residents of Clark County. The thoughts and feedback you put forth at the meeting will in turn be used to help the district develop budgets for 2011 2012 and 2012 2013 based on projected shortfalls and the governor’s proposed budget..

Collect dropped leaves/petals. Rat baits, away from areas dogs can access. If treating pets with insecticides, separate them from other pets.Read MoreMums share their clever cleaning hacks which can make boring chores a lot easierIn the garden:Ensure housing and exercise areas are free from, and not overhung by, poisonous plants.

The senescence associatedgenes in the hippocampus were analyzed and differentially expressedgenes (DEGs) were screened by quantitative real time polymerase chainreaction. Cognitive performance of the mice was evaluated by Y maze andMorris water maze tests. Oligomeric A[sz] (oA[sz]) (1 wasapplied to culture primary neurons to simulate the in vivoanalysis and immunofluorescence.

Neighborhoods and Proximity to Amenities There are people who like to live in traditional neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone. Kelowna homes for sale can meet that requirement but they can also ensure privacy in more secluded locations. More active families like to have all facilities close to home so that they can enjoy their time with family and friends.