The Oakley Flight Deck cuts the flack so you can get a clear view of the slopes. Spherical lens with an unrivaled field of view. Sub frame lens attachment for fast swapping. One day our senior drill instructor had the entire squad line up. He asked which of the recruits was going in to the reserves. After a few guys raised their hand he yelled “I rather have eight daughters that were whores than one son in the reserves”.

“It’s fantastic to have him on board, he gives us another quality onballer to throw in the mix,” Adams said. “He can also go forward sohe shapes as an important player.” Adams said the signatures of Cross, Johnstone and Bunworth werea great start to the recruiting season. He praised coach Ben Price for the progress the club made in 2018.

Block out the hangover from the night before and cast your own shade in the Spy Optics Tatlow sunglasses. Hypoallergenic silicone nose pads deliver a comfortable and secure fit. HD+ lens technology enhances color and contrast while also improving mood and alertness.

The photographs in Mark Ruwedel’s third exhibition at Gallery Luisotti focus on a handful of the desert’s humbler casualties: single family dwellings, mobile units and makeshift shelters (one simply an A frame made from three old mattresses), all apparently abandoned. Strewn across the landscape like so many forgotten tin cans, the structures speak to the deep seated American desire to stake out a piece of the wilderness and also of the capacity of that wilderness for reclaiming itself. Ruwedel positions these buildings at the center of the frame, and the elegance of his dry, crisp gelatin silver prints lends each a sort of dignity.

I personally find it terrifying how many members of congress as well have no practical business experience and understand so little of how markets work. I am starting to think that the President and all the members of congress should have to pass a test on economics and the impacts of both fiscal and monetary policy before they can run for office. They’d probably all think econometrics was a new band..

Paused, then drew her in again for a final embrace. Choking back a cry, Rheticia pressed her lips against his desperately, drinking in the feeling of his touch and the scent of smoky sandalwood and a touch of incense. Beneath that familiar, comforting scent, were the iron tangs of blood and the metallic zing of desperation..

How you handle it can make or break you here on the BHB. It doesn’t hurt if you are new to just lurk for a little bit, get a feel for the group, and then if you think this is the place for you, just jump right in and post. We don’t need your life story.