I hope you will stick around long enough to decide for your self. Apologies. But in my case the world of love takes over sometimes. Brazilian soccer player Neymar is the third soccer star in the top five. He jumps 13 spots to fifth with an income of USD 90 million, including USD 19 million from endorsement partners. Others on the list are American basketball player LeBron James (6), Tennis star Roger Federer (7), golfer Tiger Woods (16), tennis player Rafael Nadal (20) and golfer Rory McIlroy (26)..

Gold metal and light horn frame. Gold metal temples with light tortoiseshell acetate tips. Brown lens. Specializing in cyber warfare, the uprising has found an opportunity for retaliation in the form of access to the drone control networks of the iron fisted military divisions of the ruling corporations. This development represents a rare chance to inflict wide reaching disruption of highly profitable off world operations. As a veteran cyber mercenary you have been assigned to prevent the destruction of what remains of Planet Zerous.

But they have this sense of innocence that has to be nurtured.My kids have asked me some bizarre questions and I always say, ‘As long as you’re doing it innocently and not being rude, it’s OK to say what’s on your mind.’Children are being told how to think, and worrying about what they can and can’t say or do is turning them into robots. That’s why I’m a fun, outgoing dad. If they make mistakes, I’ll explain to them why they’re wrong so they learn how to fix it.My wife is the disciplinarian, so they’ll come to me when she says no and I’ll usually say yes ‘As long as mum doesn’t find out.’ If any one of them wanted to go down the same career path as me I’d be fully supportive.

If you’ve never tasted Chorizo, it’s a pork sausage that is a orange red color and spiced with paprika and a variety of other spices. It has it’s own flavor, but is generally not spicy and also very affordable to purchase. The Chorizo I use in this recipe is the Mexican soft sausage Chorizo that is encased, not the cured chorizo..

High heel shoes cause the weight to be transferred to the ball of the foot, stretching and damaging the fascia. The shoes we wear can affect out posture, putting the spine out of its natural alignment. Recently published 3 D scans showed the damage that can be caused by wearing high heels.

Thus, the clarity eventually begins to diminish, as though each recollection is part of a montage of photocopies. As competitive academics, Jon seeks to top Tess’s interjection with an anecdote about James giving Gertrude Stein an A grade for declaring her unwillingness to take an exam. But Tess changes the subject by suggesting that they sack Julie for taking Marjorie outside in the rain, even though she had been enjoying a quiet cigarette when Tess had called to check up on her..