Dallas City Council member Scott Griggs (center) and State Rep. Eric Johnson, D Dallas (right), debate during a televised one hour debate sponsored by The Dallas Morning News, NBC5 and the Dallas Regional Chamber at El Centro College in downtown Dallas, Tuesday, May 14, 2019. Dallas Morning News political reporter Gromer Jeffers (left) and NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine moderate the debate.

Last December, The Huffington Post launched Canceled Plans, a Facebook only page for introverts. Rather than piping in Huffington Post content, for the first three months the page only posted images from Tumblr and Reddit (with permission). The Huffington Post page amassed 20,000 followers in less than a month, two months ahead of its goal.

N n nYou and whose army? n n nA fortress needs guards, and an occupier needs shock troops. The State Department’s army will be divided into two parts: those who guard fixed facilities like the embassy and those who protect diplomats as they scurry about trying to corral the mad Iraqis running the country. NFor static security, a company named SOC will guard the embassy facilities for up to $973 million over five years.

But now Labour is saying that there will have to be a national debate first and that there is unlikely to be legislation during the next Parliament. A four year national debate? That is running away from the problem. Not exactly a case of “at our best when at our boldest” as Blair urged his party conference two years ago.

Conditions for Black cowboys were not perfect, but they were probably better off socially and economically, according to Porter, than that in the South. There was still prejudice and restrictions of the Blacks in the west as well as elsewhere. They did, however, get the same pay as the other cowboys, they shared bunkhouses with the white cowboys, and they worked and ate together, according to Durham and Jones.

Hoare Int: M. Webb, J. Welsh, T. I really liked “Courageous Princess” when it came out, about a princess who does not at all fit the Disney mold. I think ages 5 7 would be just about right. Lovely drawing, lots of references to other fairy talesIf the right to left arrangement of manga is okay for you, every age in our house likes Yotsuba To me it’s a story about how children can get everyone’s guard down, and to my kid it’s about a little girl who goes on interesting but realistic adventures in and around her neighborhood.

We are having beautiful weather sunny warm days, and bright blue skies. The apples are all gathered, but not all housed, we have such an enormous crop of very fine fruit, that we cannot find stowing room for it. The root house, ice house, and cellar are all in requisition, and will not we fear hold any more..