Much as in Haida Gwaii (the former Queen Charlotte Islands), remnants of these civilizations still exist. On our guided tour of Kiixin, the traditional capital of the Huu ay aht, the door frame and bases of several longhouses could be seen along with massive middens that held shells, whale bones and other debris discarded by residents over thousands of years. It remains the only known complete traditional First Nations village in the South Coast.

Breakfast Pizza A Family FavoritePizza for breakfast? I thought ridiculous! However, I started making this back in the 1970s and 1980s when my kids were small and found that getting them to eat breakfast was a snap once I found creative and surprising things to make for breakfast. This was by far a favorite in our house it still is 30 years later! When our grown children visit, they still enjoy having none other than breakfast pizza. There are a lot of variations but here is my ‘tried and true’ from way back when and then some ideas for other variations..

The first thing to look for when analyzing someones handwriting is the big picture. Look at the entire piece first before breaking it down. When you look at the big picture, notice the things that stick out to you. On the other hand, sound waves in a bulk solid can be transverse as well as longitudinal, for a total of three polarization components. In this case, the transverse polarization is associated with the direction of the shear stress and displacement in directions perpendicular to the propagation direction, while the longitudinal polarization describes compression of the solid and vibration along the direction of propagation. The differential propagation of transverse and longitudinal polarizations is important in seismology..

“There are dozens of security, staff employees and NYPD that witnessed his abusive behavior. It started when he entered the building and continued until he was arrested and left the building. Every single statement we have received is consistent in describing his actions,” Garden spokesman Barry Watkins said in a statement Thursday.

Ethan Cobb, 6, Weatherford (from his mom Melissa Cobb):The CATS performance was amazing! As the performers prowled the aisles during the performance, Ethan’s attention was glued to their every move. He loved as they came up to him and around him, crawling and sitting up on the ledges and making their cat eyes glow. Ethan rocked and clapped to their upbeat music and singing, and he was entranced with their dancing and jumping around.