Massel: The top storylines heading into Pomona would have to be some of the crew chief changes we have seen. Mike Neff, leaving John Force Racing and heading over to archrival Don Schumacher Racing Brian Corradi, co crew chief to two time Top Fuel champ Antron Brown, going the other direction and heading to JFR from DSR. There were some fireworks last year as a result of some crew chief swaps between these teams and this might cause some drama early on..

You can have some fun modding them, and it is really easy, but they have a low ceiling. You can change your heavy, spongy trigger into a light spongy trigger, but you can compete with devices that are mechanically better on a foundational level. The strikers in the PPQ and P10c make for better triggers..

“The policy response to the slowdown in investment has differed considerably across countries. In the industrial countries, accommodative policies such as expansionary budgets and low interest rates have led to consumption or credit fueled growth, particularly in the Anglo Saxon economies. Government savings have fallen, especially in the United States and Japan, and household savings have virtually disappeared in some countries with housing booms..

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Vietnam’s Tradition in LacquerwareTraditionally, lacquer ware in Vietnam came in three colours: vermillion, black and brown. But artists have since developed a variety of styles using richer colours and other unique materials. There is now more imagination applied to many of the items but each piece is always a work of patience and time and as I’m learning, infinite skill..

First off, unofficial servers are run by an individual private owner, not by WildCard. Anytime they want, the owner can change just about anything they want. For instance, they can turn the server off and just walk away. In the brain of an undecided voter, it may be that “evidence gathering” part that is simply taking longer. It’s not that these undecided are indifferent, according to Wang, but they are more willing to take their time, essentially trading off speed for accuracy. At some point though, they typically hit a tipping point and the decision is activated..