The company debuted its first augmented reality glasses dubbed Moverio BT 100 in 2012. Since then, it has been working hard on improving the product its look and feel while also stuffing in new features. Epson says the BT 300 are the lightest smart glasses it has ever made about 20 percent lighter than the BT 200, its predecessor that was launched in 2014..

The testimony came before a subcommittee that has spent a year investigating pill dumping in West Virginia by wholesale drug distributors, which are required by law to submit suspicious drug orders to the Drug Enforcement Administration. If orders and sales are not correctly reported, it can ease the diversion of drugs to the black market, where they are often sold at a premium, fueling addiction. Smith testified for nearly three hours..

ConditionalityIn the last three decades, welfare reforms in many rich democratic states have led to increased emphasis on the conditionality of social security payments and the ‘activation’ of their recipients, avowedly to avert or correct ethical and psychological ‘dependency’ and other forms of debility, depression and etiolated work ethic,12 ,13 ,20 ,22 ,23 which are widely thought to be both symptom and cause of unemployment.24 Failure to meet conditions placed on eligibility for benefits is punished directly by benefit sanctions (the part or total cessation of social security payments for a given period of time),25 as well as indirectly by compulsory ‘support’ in the form of workfare, ‘skills training’, psychological referral or psychometric testing. The conditions are diverse in kind as well as wide ranging: from age and residence criteria, or restrictions on numbers of (paid) hours worked per week, to possession of certain levels of qualifications and the capacity to demonstrate positive opinions on employment.26 The expansion of conditionality in this way is linked to the continually increasing rate at which Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance claimants are sanctioned (the three months to September 2013 saw JSA claimants sanctioned at a rate of 6% of claimants per month, the highest since the introduction of JSA in 1996).27 Failure to participate in a training or employment scheme is the most frequently occurring ‘failure’ that results in a sanction. These mandatory interventions designed to ‘shift attitudes and beliefs’ have become an important element of ‘activating’ the unemployed, and are the focus of this paper.4 ,12 ,15 ,20 Although payments by the state to people without jobs have been tied to desirable patterns of behaviour since their first institution,22 ,23 ,28 31 the unemployment policies of reformed welfare states now aim at more complete and intimate behaviour change through coercive mechanisms of greater scope.32.