By Judith Schalansky; hardcover, 144 pages; Penguin, list price: $28 “Give me an atlas over a guidebook any day. Who hasn’t stared at those specks of earth (or ice) in the middle of foreign oceans and wondered what stories they hold? Schalansky uses historic events and scientific accounts as inspiration for the “imagined realities” she creates for each of these 50 real islands. This beautifully illustrated atlas reveals that cartography and the creative imagination have always intersected, spurred on by human wanderlust..

As pet travel becomes more common, the amenity bar gets higher. Seemingly fancy amenities of years past, like fluffy dog beds and branded dog bowls, are practically a given at higher end, pet friendly properties today all the ones highlighted below offer those and more. To stand out, hotels are offering over the top perks such as elaborate room service menus, dog butlers, dog spa treatments, bacon infused water, and so on.

Calvin Klein, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Donna Karan, Marco Ricci, Dolce Gabbana, Serengeti, Christian Dior, and Chanel are just few of the hundreds of the names that are involved in the manufacture of hip designer sunglasses. They retail their designer eyewear at exclusive outlets, shopping malls, and multiplexes at marginally higher costs than ordinary sunglasses. There is a lot of advertising and marketing for such sunglasses using all forms of media and celebrity brand ambassadors..

Alongside a 60% national increase in access to Individual Placement Support (IPS) services, a voluntary scheme currently being rolled out to 28 new local NHS areas, meaning eight out of ten parts of England will have access to the programme. Access is expected to double to 20,000 people per year by 2020 21 and will continue to expand as part of the NHS Long Term Plan helping 55,000 people each year by 2023 24. Patients hoping to get back into work can be referred directly by their doctor or another mental health professional and can also self refer..

Boost your everyday style with the sporty and sleek Swift Run from adidas Originals. Bootie construction for a comfortable fit. Adjustable lace up closure. RUBIKS CUBE SOLUTION BOOK FOR KIDS NOW IN COLOR!!!The Rubik’s Cube is a fascinating and somewhat magical object. I have written this book for kids and beginners, and therefore, the content is easy to understand and full of images to make everything clear. The goal of this book is to help kids and beginners learn the six simplest stages that you have to go through to solve a jumbled Rubik’s Cube..