The Senate bill had stalled over Democratic objections to a grant program they said was written too narrowly to benefit only one addiction advocacy group, the Addiction Policy Forum. The organization was closely connected to PhRMA and Democrats wanted the language broadened to cover more groups. This hold up was first reported Wednesday by Politico..

As I came to know a city celebrated as the center of world affairs, the musings of a mystic who lived in a shack in the woods seemed, at first glance, beside the point. But in preaching the promise of individual initiative, rather than institutional power, to enact change, “Walden” reminded me that life outside the Beltway mattered, too. Thoreau’s critique of consumption for consumption’s sake also affirmed a truth that still resonated in the gilded 1980s namely, that a just society is grounded not only in material gain, but moral awareness.

“Our defense was good tonight,” he said. “Defensivly, we made some progress. We were not good last night. Regarding “1st” and “dibs” not being followed, what if the buyer haggles with the seller via PM, asks a million questions, or says something else again, via PM that leads the seller to want to sell to someone else. That conversation is private so there’s no real way for everyone else to fully understand what happened. I believe the seller is entitled to use his/her discretion in those situations..

Seton Hall (16 6 and Providence (16 6 enter the final two weeks of the regular season in similar positions. Seton Hall is 3 against the top 50 and 6 against the top 100, while Providence is 3 and 8 respectively, against those two classes of opponents. Seton Hall has lost one game outside the top 100, but Providence has dropped three, including two outside the top 200.

For example, did you know that in most states, adult children living in their parents’ homes are considered to have squatters’ rights even though they are paying no rent? In an ideal world, you could simply ask them to leave or change the locks and put their clothing by the curb while they are away. However, the law protects renters even those who don’t pay their rent! There are even laws against you being able to put their things on the curb. You will have to go through the eviction process and evict your own child.

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