When you’re trying to decide on the best tent for you, use some common sense. How often will you actually use it? What kind of conditions will you be camping in? If you’re going to be camping all year, choose a four season tent. If your camping will be done only in warm, hot, and cool weather, you’ll probably be happier with a three season tent.

The main question is not about what is plugged into which outlet, but whether all three of those outlets are on the same circuit or not. There should be a breaker panel in your unit, or perhaps in the garage or basement. If that breaker panel has a single breaker switch that turns all those outlets on/off, then they are on the same circuit.

Yes, in an ideal world we could have the best of both worlds, C, a better language, and linux, a better server OS. That shouldn be a controversial statement: there a reason why the internet relies on linux, not windows server. Currently we have to make tradeoff decisions and it sucks: do we use a better language and a suckier server, or a suckier language running on a better server.

The Psi Corps of the Babylon 5 television show was fleshed out in the “Psi Corps Trilogy” of books. These books revealed the implied horrors the show shared about the Corps as standard policy. For an organization built on protecting, training and breeding telepaths the ultimate in human resources management it repeated a number of maxims with horrifying results..

If you’re looking for the most versatile viewing spot at the airport where you can see all of the runways, I would go to the top of the parking garage. Follow the signs to “RDU Central Parking” and be sure not to take the two lanes on the left, as they will not take you up in the tower. From the seventh level, you can see all three runways by walking to either side of the parking deck.

Polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of the glare. Professionally Packed and Shipped. New in Original Box, Manual Included. Tell you what, I spend hundreds of dollars to take my kids to a game, only to have you pop shot after shot in practice and then sit on the bench in your street clothes. I think the Bulls should put a ROSE A METER on their web site. It can measure your interest in playing that night so fans can decide whether to spend the money on a ticket..

With most of the top flight players skipping the Chicago camp, the event also served as a job fair. Heat coach Kevin Loughery was approached by several potential assistant coaches (with Clippers assistant Dave Wohl a leading candidate to replace Bob Staak on the Heat staff). New Spurs executive Gregg Popovich fielded his share of inquiries on the coaching job vacated last week by John Lucas (more on that later).