At the end, Sanders commented on a CBS News report that she was eyeing a departure from the White House. “As I stated last night in a tweet, I think CBS got a little ahead of their skis, particularly since they put out a story about my thinking without ever actually talking to me. Seems that would be a little bit problematic.

My wife! . Jesus kill me. Just kill me. Ask one of the radio staff members to show you how to use the equipment, or see if an experienced DJ will let you sit in on a show or two so you can get a feel for how the equipment is used. Also, a lot of radio equipment has an off air function that allows you to practice speaking into the mike, transitioning between CD players, etc. Without actually broadcasting your content..

Chad Curtis didn’t impress me much when, after helping the New York Yankees win a World Series game last season, he waited until he got on national television before telling interviewer Jim Gray that he wouldn’t answer his questions. Well, apparently Curtis isn’t impressing his new teammates with the Texas Rangers, either. Several, most notably Royce Clayton, tussled with Curtis the other night after the little guy complained about the rap music they were blaring in the clubhouse.

I tried 6 different rgps in my left (bad eye) and none of them were comfortable for more than a few hours, that coupled with how hard they are to get in and out made me give up on getting that sweet stereoscopic vision. Remember regular contacts are soft, not hard like rgp or scleral. I also had the problem that getting used to the stereoscopic vision was extremely difficult, I couldn drive, or do antrhing like play games, plus I had to be careful with any dust or dirt, which is laborious when you trying to renovate an entire house..

Well done Cochran. My point is that he is relatively young, and it would be a shame if Abe took the moral high ground and shooed him away like he did w. Webber ten years ago for having a roach clip in his car. The TYR Velocity Racing Mirrored Swim Goggles are designed with a universal fit for both adult and younger swimmers alike. The optical grade polycarbonate lens are low profile, anti fog/UV protected. The Velocity Racing Swim Goggles feature silicone cushion gaskets, a multi sized nosepiece system and a head strap clip for ultimate customization.

How Deposits Work Place a $250 deposit per seat (maximum 4 seats per account) to lock in priority consideration to purchase 2019 20 ticket plans. You will be contacted about ticket plans, locations, and pricing as they become available prior to the general public, and given the opportunity to select seats and a plan. Deposits are non refundable and will be applied as a down payment toward the purchase of any ticket plan for the 2019 20 regular season.