A new study by UCSB scientists has found that the skin of the California two spot octopus (Octopus bimaculoides) can sense light even without input from the central nervous system. The animal does so by using the same family of light sensitive proteins called opsins found in its eyes a process not previously described for cephalopods. The researchers’ findings appear in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Am happy for the guys that especially a guy that helped do something fantastic and something great, Lowry said. An unbelievable friend of mine and is a good guy. He made a decision to go home and he is happy with that and I am happy for him. It has always been difficult to determine a political course in Pakistan, torn as it is by the pull of Islam and the desire to be a modern nation state. Bhutto had the difficult task of working the divergent strains into an organic whole without angering the military, the mullahs, or the people. She failed many times and squandered much of the goodwill that had accompanied her rise to power..

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