Tuff and McCray traveled to New York City and spoke to Anderson about how they helped stop the standoff from becoming a tragedy. Both said they were nervous, both said they hadn slept the night before, and neither knew a reunion was in the works. They prepared for the big moment in separate green rooms, and the secret was safe until the were both on the set..

The gesture itself is considerate and breathtaking particularly when the gift is your wish come true. But that doesn mean that you can make it more interesting. As a matter of fact, you can and how you do it makes it more special. Whether you happily coupled and routinely shocked by your single friends experiences navigating the world of online dating, now replete with nudie judies dujour; or single yourself and attempting to date while dodging junk mail (get it?), there no denying that since the coupling of smartphones and erections, the world will never be the same.RELATED: What it was like to have casual sex after almost a year withoutRELATED: Inside the secret life of a 54 year old sex workerRELATED: Most cringe worthy leaked celeb sexts of all timeFor the completely uninitiated, a dck pic is just what it sounds like: a photo of someone penis. If David Attenborough was to narrate the mating habits of humans, he probably describe it as a courtship ritual akin to a peacock fanning out its tail.When they sent to a consenting partner, naked photos can be fun and super sexy (more on that later).But men who send unsolicited photos of their penis have become almost universally reviled, an angry punchline for a modern life lived so frequently online.It always been pretty commonly assumed that most men who send unsolicited nudes do so with the intent to shock or disgust the recipient. Anecdotally, the amount of my female friends who received an unwanted penis photo from a guy after also having been abused or harassed by him online suggests that these kind of images can be another weapon in an internet troll arsenal.But a new study from the Orgasm Research Lab yes, that really their name suggests there could be another motivation behind sending unsolicited nudes.Maybe these poor, misguided fellas are just out there trying to get a date.The study, which focused on for photographic exhibitionism surveyed a group of men about the reasons behind their sending of unsolicited naked photos.The most common reason these men gave for why they sent the photos was because they were hoping to receive one in return; and Vice reported that the second most common reason given for sending unsolicited nudes was hunting Essentially, flirting.