Dyson All Floors Upright VacuumThis Dyson All Floors Vacuum does what you might expect: It works on all surfaces, from carpeting to hard flooring. It turns and bends and defies gravity and flies to the moon (ok, maybe not that last part) and it’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman; it won’t damage your floors or super delicate carpets. It’s got a HEPA filter that you can chuck in the washing machine and re use forever.

And you have to remember that when “The Simpsons” started around 1989, 1990, roughly half of the homes in America had a VCR. So for the first time, people could watch episodes again and again, and they could get these freeze frame gags. And my suggestion is, it also allows them to increase the nerdic density because you can get more obscure references at the same time..

General Yang’s father was outraged when he heard of his son’s marriage to the rebel Mu Guiying and ordered Yang’s execution for treason. Realizing what was about to happen, Mu Guiying rushed out of her fortress, fought and captured Yangzhao I, saving her husband’s life. She apologized to her displeased father in law and offered to capture the city of Yangchow for him if he spared General Yang Zongbao’s life.

According to FS1’s Ric Bucher, Durant left the hospital Friday and moved to a hotel with visions of spending the summer in New York. The last time he was a free agent, in 2016, Durant staged meetings with teams in a rented Hamptons mansion. The Warriors’ core all flew to eastern Long Island to recruit him..

Show KindnessLet a homeless person know that you care. You can do something as simple as saying hello as you pass someone on the street. Engage him or her in small talk, even if it’s just about the weather. Chairs were developed rich carvings and polychromatic surface treatments for the important members of society, but by the mid 1650’s chairs became common and were often upholstered. By the mid 1750’s most carpenters and chair designers had got the message that the chair should not only look good, but should be actually be nice to sit on too, hence chairs that hugged the contours of the human body were produced. These chairs had bow shaped backs and curved legs, the arm rests were padded (and in many cases richly embroidered too).

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