Want their voices heard, their citizens voices heard, the same way I want my citizens voices heard. It hard when people voices are suppressed. That she votes against a lot of budget bills, Scott said she opposed the Arts Commission budget bill because don think it a priority right now, saying she rather wait to consider such budgets after all higher priority budgets like education and roads have won final approval..

Lawmakers are expected to talk about those raises during the General Assembly short session which begins on May 14. North Carolina currently ranks 46th in the country when it comes to teacher pay and reports say it’s expected to drop even lower. Teachers have not had a significant raise in more than five years, making recruitment and retention challenging..

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1982 83 campaign saw Houston return to the Final Four ranked No. 1. They were matched up against No. Cox: Oliver Meakin LANE 5 Ballarat Clarendon College: James Tantau, Cooper McCormick, Max Callahan, Harrison Callaway. Cox: John McKenna LANE 6 St Patrick College: Elliott McMahon, Quinn Bogers, Justin Fillisch, William Gilbert. Cox: James Backer LANE 7 St Patrick College: Samuel Constable, Nick Gittings, Sean Parini, Tanner Keogh.

That is to say, folks who aren white are more likely to be on welfare, and it isn racist to know that. In fact, it would be shocking if a society with such a massive history of racial prejudice which continues to this day lacked such inequalities. In that sense, the folks slinging death threats on Twitter actually agree with you and me.

Impact: The second year center showed well in extended playing time Tuesday after having seeing a more modest 16 minutes during his first game in Las Vegas. Welsh logged 11 games of regular season action last season as a rookie, averaging just 3.3 minutes over those contests. The 2018 second round pick did also see 20 games of G League action and will look to continue making a strong impression for what remains of summer league play..