I’ve seen a lot of dumb excuses for Barack Obama’s regrettable remarks about “bitter” Pennsylvania voters who “cling” to God, guns and narrow mindedness in the last few days. But maybe the dumbest are the ones that blame my city, San Francisco. According to the New York Sun, Obama backer Daniel Gerstein opined that “Obama’s mistake was not just what he said .

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Sullivan, in remarks to reporters, called out several adversaries that the Trump administration has tangled with, including China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Sullivan described them as “forces of instability” due to their human rights abuses. Ambassador to the United Nations, said those countries, plus Syria and Venezuela, are the world’s worst violators of human rights..

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Bedrooms all have built in robes and main bathroom has a bath, shower and separate toilet. Guest powder room is downstairs adjacent to the laundry. Air conditioning for comfort all year round if required, open plan living and dining area combined with kitchen which all flow out to an alfresco patio and garden.

Oh boy. So the first Christmas we spent with his family: his sister had previously lied to her husband about going out with his mom and other sister to go see another man instead. His mom confronted her and told her she wouldn cover for her indiscretions any longer.