This practical handbook for designing and teaching hybrid or blended courses focuses on outcomes based practice. Jay Caulfield defines hybrid courses as ones where not only is face time replaced to varying degrees by online learning, but also by experiential learning that takes place in the community or within an organization with or without the presence of a teacher; and as a pedagogy that places the primary responsibility of learning on the learner, with the teacher’s primary role being to create opportunities and environments that foster independent and collaborative student learning. Starting with a brief review of the relevant theory such as andragogy, inquiry based learning, experiential learning and theories that specifically relate to distance education she addresses the practicalities of planning a hybrid course, taking into account class characteristics such as size, demographics, subject matter, learning outcomes, and time available.

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The Biophysical Society is pleased to announce the recipients of four of its 2013 Society awards. These individuals will be honored at the Awards Symposium at the Society’s 57th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 5 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. In addition to receiving their awards at that time, each will give a presentation..

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