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Army as villains and the Indians as their victims. Using parody, satire, comedy and drama, the film exposes prejudice, stereotypes and particularly the inhuman treatment of the American Indians, a popular theme at the time. In 1967, Eric Burdon of the Animals sang that “the American dream includes Indians too.”.

I think you answered your own question “the number of ways to express an idea is immense”. This particular version of the question isn cleanly answerable in terms of a probability because the state space is arguably infinite, whether you talking about ways to express a particular idea or to draw a figure, and your sample size is finite (a single sentence with n words might have 2n sub sentences). Of course with a drawing you have a lot more leeway in defining what you hope to match, but it hard to reframe this idea rigorously..

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TEAM MOST LIKELY TO FINISH WITH 15 VICTORIES: Imagining the Bulls struggling again is rough for the Chicago legions, but it will get worse before it gets better. Jordan playing in another uniform has to be a little galling. And then there’s the issue of all these young kids, trying to figure out the game while Charles Oakley doubles as a baby sitter.

It doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get an exchange, it means the feds are going to come. That is contrary to ever philosophical thought I’ve had in that the state needs to express its sovereignty, and drive the train. I would prefer to continue to drive our train, and not let the feds do it.

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