A good analogy would be that when there are sheepdogs guarding the flock, there are no wolf attacks on the flock. This condition exists precisely because the sheepdog acts as a deterrent to the predatory acts of the wolf by providing a parity in force. What would be the fate of the sheep if the dogs where not present? If I were a sheep, I would want a gun.

When making predictions using computer models, we encounter two sources of uncertainty: uncertainty in model inputs and uncertainty in model structure. Input uncertainty arises when we are not certain about input parameters in model simulations. If we are uncertain about true structural relationships within a model that is, the relationship between the set of quantities that form the model input and the set that represents the output the model is said to display structural uncertainty.

Notching the win was DJ Johnson in his first game back with Triple A Albuquerque. The right hander tossed two scoreless frames in the eighth and ninth.TOPES TIDBITS: With a hit in his only plate appearance, Elliot Soto extended his on base streak to 19 games . After recording two doubles on the night, Brendan Rodgers now has 101 for his professional career .

Has the queen ever laid foot on these grounds? Henrietta pleaded, her tone suddenly dropping to the pitch of a puppy whine that had just been kicked. She ever roamed the grounds or settled by its fire? She has not, but I have. I am the countess, the madame of these grounds, and surely I will not be forced to leave..

Expert contributors offer chapters on the major concerns facing women of color in the modern world, particularly in the United States and Latin America.Each chapter treats one or more groups of women who have been underrepresented in women’s studies scholarship or have had their experiences misinterpreted, including African Americans, Latina Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. Women of Color includes chapters on theories related to race, gender, and identity. The book also focuses on the place of women of color in higher education, including chapters on women of color and the women’s studies curriculum, and the role of librarians in shaping women’s studies programs.Introduction / Diane Long HoevelerTheoretical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and IdentityDefining Differences: Feminism, Race Theory, and Identity Politics in the Academy / Nina Manasan GreenbergThe Uses of Silence: Notes on the “Will to Unsay” / Patti DuncanWomen Networking with Their Neighbors: The Universal Thread of Civic Activism / Janet K.