Early previews of President Obama’s address Wednesday to a joint session of Congress suggest two possibilities: 1) Obama really believes this speech can appeal simultaneously to all sides of the debate, shift public opinion and unstick the legislative gears all at once; or 2) Obama isn’t quite sure what he’s going to say yet. “Despite all of the setbacks and all of the missed opportunities despite this train wreck of a month the situation remains remarkably similar to what it was before the recess,” Jonathan Cohn writes. “Significant health care legislation is likely to pass, particularly if Obama manages to give a good speech on Wednesday night.” In its boldly headlined story, “What Obama will say in his address,” Politico predicts that Obama “will not confront or scold the left” but will also “make an overture to Republicans.” He “will try to reassure the left about his commitment to a public option” but “without promising to kill health reform to get it.” (How reassuring can he be, then?) And “he will lay out a specific ‘President’s Plan,'” though “the speech was very much in flux over the weekend, because key decisions are being hashed out.”.

The floors are only a slightly noisynot too muchbut you sometimes can hear people upstairs. Nobody was wearing spurs. These rooms have transoms over the door that swing open to allow for air circulation. Hamilton is considering a guaranteed four year, $8 million contract offer with an option for a fifth year from Wizards President Michael Jordan. When asked whether discussions were further along than Wednesday, Dee said: “That’s accurate. There were some discussions and things are moving along.

Back to the booing. This might seem odd if you’re some hippy or millennial fan who relishes the post game hugs and intra team fraternization. But we’re rough and tough NBA fans here at DIME; we talk about Charles Oakley with a sort of hushed reverence and we hated that the Bad Boy Pistons traded Rick Mahorn after that title in ’89 (we throw Bill Laimbeer elbows to get a spot on the 6 train during rush hour in NYC)..

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