Just a reminder to Frederica “Oakley”: When you took office, you made a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. That happens to include the First Amendment, which actually forbids the very action you are promoting. Something about arresting critics sure seems to sound like abridging the Freedom of Speech..

As the game gets closer and closer, many fans are starting to think about what they are going to do when they call his name again. On Saturday night, many will likely boo once Durant name is called, but Thunder fans should definitely not boo. In fact, they should clap, cheer or simply stay silent..

In the Thirties, he dramatically increased his holdings of mining shares and recovery stocks. Union Corporation, the South African miner, was a core holding, as were Austin Motors and Hector Whaling. At the time, most institutions were wedded to bonds.

And they don’t care one bit that you’ve read it probably over a hundred times and could easily recite it with your eyes closed. Some books aren’t too bad to have memorized, but we all know that some are just downright painful. Here’s a list of seven books to switch up your reading routine and add new favorites that everyone will love..

14. On the civil war and UNOCAL, see Karl Inderfurth interview (Feb. Marty Miller interview (Nov. My little guy is doing great!! We had a therapist come in when he was 10 months. She was amazed at all he could do so she said she didn’t need to come back unless when he started walking if he stayed on his tippy toes. At that time it was like he tarted to walk on the top of his feet.

Rather, nominees have to have lived in the state for a substantial amount of time. It’s a factor that cuts a bunch of people out of the running immediately, says Smith.One nomination came in for Muhammad Ali, a name known to people worldwide, but the fact that he spent a chunk of time in Cherry Hill didn’t matter, in the end.”That isn’t enough of a link to make him a Jersey guy,” says Smith.The Hall of Fame starts compiling potential nominations in early July from public suggestions and asks expert panelists to review a list with 240 names on it. That list gets winnowed down to 125 names, which then goes to a voting academy of over 100 state organizations, who casts votes to further narrow the group to 50 people.”It’s a real educational thing for even us that are close to it,” says John O’Brien, head of the voting board.

I couldn’t escape. No matter what household I went to there were small children absolutely infatuated by me. They came to me like I was the goddamn pied piper and tried to get my attention and impress me in any way possible, perhaps handing me toys covered in goo, perhaps dancing around doing the pick me up stomp, and once a little boy even tried to push a plastic kitchenette set to me on the other side of the waiting room at a hospital.