No series does this better than Malazan: mulptiple continents, hundreds of PoVs, dozens of arcs, millennia of history, dozens of races, gods, ascensions, extinction, war, begrudged love, philosophies. Malazan has it all. It is the ceiling for the fantastical..

Tushnet credited the Massachusetts attorney general’s office with winning a small tactical victory, even in defeat. A majority of the justices, he noted, found that the law did not discriminate against antiabortion protesters for the content of their speech. Instead, the justices found, it impinged on the rights of everyone outside the clinics, whatever their views..

The purpose of this article is to examine the broad educational environment of law librarianship in light of the particular demands and needs of the law librarian employed by the nation’s corporations and law firms. This exploration can best be done by looking at the history of the profession of law librarianship and the educational model derived from that history. Then, the most recent policy statement of the profession that defines law librarian competencies will be analyzed.

My “normal” (pre prescription) cycling glasses, I have a few sets of non transition lenses which I swap according to conditions mainly I use either clear or brown shade. The M Frame (and probably other cycling glasses) curve so much that Oakley has to run the prescription through their own formula to define the grinding. It works great and gives you a beautifully wide field of clear vision, but somebody hand transposed my astigmatism correction from 180 degrees to 108 degrees at Oakley.

Some of the city’s best graffiti artists will begin creating Chicago’s largest graffiti style mural on the South Side. The final product should encompass more than 12,000 square feet and bring a better understanding of local history and the art form. It should be completed by Labor Day.

Going to make more tissue and sell more tissue, Guest said. Have more capacity and a larger presence in the tissue business. Department of Justice told G P that it must sell its commercial tissue business in order to win government approval to buy Fort James.

The most common amount is $1,000.The document also includes nine disbursements from the police fund totaling $24,445.The numbers are contained in paperwork separate from the list of names provided by the village.Oakley Trustee Francis Koski said he received the documents from Fish and they were represented as “the names of donors.” Trustee Sue Dingo declined to comment to The Saginaw News and said she didn’t know about the list.Saginaw County 911 is on the list released in response to the request for donors, though Director Tom McIntyre said the agency did not give any money to the village or its police fund.Elaine Amman, a Chesaning resident whose name is on the list, said she did not knowingly donate to the Oakley Police Department. She said she did attend a benefit for then village President Douglas Shindorf, who died after battling cancer, where she purchased a meal, and has rented the village hall in the past.”I don’t know how I would’ve ever donated to a police fund,” she said, noting she does not know any other person named Elaine Amman in the area.”What really bothers me is my name is on that list, and it’s published, and it’s totally false,” she said. “Chesaning and Oakley are small places.