So far I’ve been pretty good at ‘guestimating’ shipping costs and haven’t had any complaints from buyers. On Tuesday mornings, usually all of the buyers have paid. Later in the week, but I live less than 5 minutes walking distance and rarely wait in line for more than 10 minutes if I go on a weekday morning, so I don’t really mind.

Up until recently, she made 5 videos a week where viewers got to inside her home and experience some of what she does in her daily life from her own point of view, and that is already so much more than what fans of creative types usually get to experience. There is however, a frustrating element to the huge volume of access Grace allows her fans to her life, but the lack of depth to that access. Predictably, (this is the Internet, people) this leaves so many of her fans wanting more, more, more.

NEW YORK The longtime boss of a union for New York City corrections officers was sentenced to nearly five years in prison Friday for corruption convictions, a steep fall for a man credited with winning guards pay and benefits parity with police and firefighters before squandering $19 million in union funds. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein announced the sentence for Norman Seabrook after hearing the former head of the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association defiantly defend his two decades of work leading the union..

The conference, which takes place in London on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th July 2015, will bring together international academics and practitioners to explore heritage science research, innovation and best practice in the interpretation, conservation and management of cultural heritage.A team of five researchers specialising in conservation from the University of Lincoln’s School of History Heritage have been selected to showcase a varied series of projects and pioneering new methods of investigation.Phillipa McDonnell, Lincoln graduate and Research Fellow for the University’s renowned conservation consultancy division, Crick Smith, will present her work to digitally record, repair and reproduce historic wallpapers a new technique that she devised while carrying out royal household restorations earlier this year.Phillipa developed a new research method that involved scanning the existing wallpaper, which had been in situ for decades, before working to produce an identical pattern, texture and colour match on newly printed wallpaper samples, while retaining the patina of age.Leah Warriner Wood, Lecturer in Conservation at Lincoln, will showcase another high profile project, which has seen the University of Lincoln work in collaboration with the Houses of Parliament. Led by Leah and Dr Lynda Skipper at the University of Lincoln, together with Caroline Babington, Collections Care Manager for the Parliamentary Art Collection, the initiative has provided a number of students with invaluable experience helping to preserve the work of some of the UK’s leading textile artists.First year Conservation Restoration students are invited to monitor and collect data on annual light exposure affecting textiles in the Parliamentary Art Collection, which is then used by students further on in their academic career as they reflect on the use of scientific techniques as part of the wider conservation process.As part of the collaboration, students can also enjoy practical work placements alongside leading Conservators to help preserve and put back on public display valuable textiles from the Parliamentary Art Collection.Leah Warriner Wood said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our students such amazing experiences as part of their course here at Lincoln. Working with the Parliamentary Art Collection represents an excellent chance to learn new skills and really enhance their understanding of working on site..