It’s soothing and very progressive.Indeed, even one woman in her 60s succumbed to the shady trend recently, buying a pair of square shaped Guess? sunglasses with baby blue lenses to keep up with all the stylish types in Santa Monica who are sporting the look, says Glizeth Garcia, a saleswoman at the Sunglass Hut in the Burbank Media City Center mall.She saw all the kids doing it, so she said she wanted to give them a try,” Garcia said.Blue, however, isn’t the only game in town just yet.Gwyneth Paltrow still prefers yellow rectangular shades. Julia Roberts likes purple cat’s eye ones. Charlize Theron likes rose colored oval sunglasses.At Sunklass and More on Maryland Avenue near Glendale’s buzzing Brand Boulevard, manager Garo Garabedian says the most popular sunglasses they carry are the $250 plus Dolce Gabbana square frames with violet lenses.Blue was last year,” Garabedian said without hesitation.

I’m about to complete a 7 week course of chemotheraphy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy at Cheltenham and cannot praise all of the staff too highly. The consultant and his team monitored my progress on a regular basis and were available to offer time and support whenever necessary. The chemo staff offered outstanding, highly professional, cheerful care I felt very safe in their hands each week.

Popular as party favors and presents, origami figures folded from paper money offer clever possibilities for folders at all levels. Of skill. This easy to follow guide features thirty two simple models, both traditional and original. Nose pads. Amber Rose (peach) gradient lenses with anti reflective coating. 100% UVA and UVB protection.

In Denver, it’s supposed to be near record highs around 80 Tuesday. Rain develops and turns to snow Wednesday. The blizzard warning for the city suggests about four to eight inches there. An overall decrease in tuition revenue of $675,000 from the current year is in the budget. But the cost to attend FMCC for individual students who reside in the state will increase next academic year. The hike is $300 per semester to a total of $2,450 per semester or $4,900 per year..

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