A final tweet from Dallas stated: “[Oakley] already knew he was going to win that’s why he didn’t promote and that’s why he didn’t seem surprised”. The tweets were later deleted, although not before being copied and posted across Twitter. One post showed the three tweets with a caption reading “The TACs are rigged” and the now trending hashtag.

With his charming eyes and pretty face, many girls would fall for him, right? But in the drama world, he always ended up being heartbroken. Jinyoung, who played recently as Kim Yoon sung in the teenage rom com historical drama, Love in the Moonlight, is also the leader of K Pop boy group, B1A4. No one can pull off that noble role of Yoon sung in a very elegant way like he did.

Several popular LGBTQ+ YouTube vloggers have claimed that YouTube is using the site’s “restricted mode” to hide some of their videos.The restricted mode for YouTube, according to Google, enables users to filter out “potentially objectionable content,” leading some LGBTQ+ vloggers to accuse YouTube of implicitly categorizing their material as not “family friendly.”That’s the complaint British vlogger Rowan Ellis made to Gizmodo, saying, “there is a bias somewhere within that process equating LGBT+ with ‘not family friendly.'”Ellis posted her own video addressing the issue after she found dozens of her videos fell victim to the process.Gizmodo, YouTube said, “Some videos that cover subjects like health, politics and sexuality may not appear for users and institutions that choose to use this feature.”Mashable has also reached out for comment from YouTube.On Sunday night, the Twitter account for the YouTube Creators page tweeted the following statement that offered a little more detail on the filtering but didn’t explain how some of the more innocuous videos that got caught in the filter wound up there.A message to our community . In one such instance, flagged by user NeonFiona, videos about sex and relationships weren’t flagged but videos that directly referred to LGBTQ+ issues were.Just looked at my videos with the “restricted mode” on. Seeing a bit of a theme here.

” n n n nBrown topped Tea Party hero Marco Rubio, Sen. Joe Manchin (D W. Va.) and Sen. There are bottom drainage grommets,t, and clips in each pocket for gloves, keys, and other small accessories. There are bottom drainage grommets, a waterproof PVC bottom, a bungee cord on the front to hold a jacket or clothing layers, and reflective piping for increased visibility. Other features of this ski boot bag include padded hidden backpack straps, four padded lumbar back pads for comfort, and versatile top and front carry handles.