Time was up I had to go. So we just tied Elmer rather stately horns to the top of the parachute. And I took off. Hemlockattorney Philip Ellison of Outside Legal Counsel filed an emergency petition in Saginaw County Circuit Court on behalf of Oakley Trustee Francis Koski asking a judge to return decision making power to the village’s six member board.The petition, filed Tuesday, Sept. The board that was once made up of seven people is now down to six and has evenly split on several issues.The development is onein a line of controversy in Oakley that includes the loss of the village’s municipal insurance after the Michigan Municipal League notedthe number of lawsuits filed against the village and concerns about the village Police Department, which includes about a dozen certified police officers and about 100 reserve officers.The Saginaw News published a series beginning in March about the controversy called”Small Town, Big Problem.”Francis Koski, right, looks on during a June 10 village of Oakley regular meeting.The emergency petition alleges “on information and belief” that Dingo has been collaborating with a village attorney and the village clerk to “ignore a state issued subpoena issued by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards” without direction from the village council.Koski first complained during the July board meeting that the board was not brought in on decisions.”The business of the village is not being brought to the table,” Koski said. “It should be up to the membersof the council; we are the government.”Koski alleges that Hamilton “handed executive power to Sue Dingo at the last (August) meeting.”Ellison, who is representing Koski, also represents Trustee Dennis Bitterman and his wife, Shannon Bitterman, owners of the Oakley Family Tavern, in several lawsuitsthey have filed against the village.Some of the lawsuits are based on the Bittermans’ complaints about Oakley Chief of Police Robert Reznick and how he runs the police force.Reznick, who took a second police chief job in Jackson County’s Waterloo Township in April, said he is proud of the Oakley police force and maintains they are doing nothingwrong.Koski contacted Ellison to talk to him about possible legal action after the August board meeting, when he said the rest of the board were “pushed away from the table.”Koski argues thatvillage business should be decided by the council as a whole.The petition was assigned to Saginaw County Circuit Court Judge Fred L.

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