The episode was written by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, and directed by Jeffrey Lynch. Before the episode aired, Malibu Stacy had already appeared many times on the show as one of Lisa’s dolls. The staff were trying to come up with an idea for an episode by going through the companies in the Simpsons universe, and Oakley suggested an episode involving the Malibu Stacy company.

PollutionWhether we want to admit it or not pollution is causing mass death in the animal species. Today common seafood like tuna are turning up with alarming amounts of mercury in their systems. These are the fish that survived the initial poisoning! Far more could have been less lucky.

Governor estimates California quake toll at $100 million, says poor have been hit hardestWhile the earthquake has caused devastation in the small California towns of Ridgecrest and Trona, experts said it could have been much worse considering the size of Friday night quake. Gov. Gavin Newsom estimated more than $100 million in economic damage, the reported.

“Judge Kavanaugh was asked specifically about his dissent and cited the plaintiffs’ position. The fact that critics removed the phrase ‘they said’ from his answer shows that they knew he was citing the party’s opinion and were deliberately trying to mislead the public,” said White House spokesman Raj Shah. “As Judge Kavanaugh’s opinion stated, based on the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, it’s the court or a judge’s job to determine ‘only the sincerity of a plaintiff’s religious belief, not the correctness or reasonableness of that religious belief.'”.

Cheeney and bush abused their power badly. And why wont that piece of crap cheney die already! Micheal jackson did for me. Ha ha. His push into Western Sydney and the Gold Coast in preferrence to Tasmania is snub to tassies great Aussie rules history. This bloke can go to the games and stay there. He appears to have no interests in expanding the game for the fans benefit and I suspect he has personnel financial interests in many of the decision he makes on behalf of the game.

Mississippi scored once on the power play in four chances against the Oilers in Tulsa on Saturday and is 17.9% on the power play for the season (36 of 201). The RiverKings have scored power play goals in their last four games (6 of 23). In home games, Mississippi has a 19.8% success rate (16 of 81).

Simmons also has a construction permit for a new station, KPKK (FM 101.5), licensed to Oakley, which could reach much of the Wasatch Front. In addition, it also has a local marketing agreement with two Ogden stations, KSOS AM and KXOL AM and has indicated it is working to purchase those two properties from First National Broadcasting. It also intends to purchase KWNX in Austin.