Views change throughout the year and we often got koalas in the trees, some resident kangaroos nearby and we can also catch a glimpse of the sea and the gulf in the distance. Was our first time living in the Adelaide Hills and we been really impressed by all of the foodie facilities nearby. The heart of the home is the open plan kitchen, dining and living area on the upper level, which opens out to a balcony.

Three (actual) weeks was the magical point for me. I went off sugar and while I fully admit this sounds a little crazy, I honestly powered through those weeks by mentally framing it as if I were an addict detoxing off their drug of choice. I would actually suggest going off added sugar cold turkey and not really even worrying about calories for those three weeks if this feels impossible otherwise.

I see you got the forge for +1 armor, I also would advise against this. If your opponent is doing a cheese you generally want to invest in stuff that helps you here and now (units, shield batteries). An investment in a forge (150 resources) +1 armor (200 resources or w/e it is) means 350 resources less in the things you need now to defend..

Last week the Cotton Kings completed their first set of consecutive home games in consecutive nights for the season and will be the last team in the CHL to complete a three game homestand this Friday with a contest against red hot Odessa. The Cotton Kings split the pair of home games this past weekend dropping their first ever home game to Corpus Christi with a 2 1 outcome, but rebounded back on New Year’s Eve with a 5 1 win over the Bossier Shreveport Mudbugs for their first win over the Mudbugs since December 14, 2001. Lubbock, currently in second place of the CHL’s Southwest Division with a 14 14 1 record, faces a challenging schedule this week to open up the 2006 calendar year.

What his plans are for the opening credits to the new show: I can tell you anything that going to be visual, but I can tell you that it was important to me that the city itself, New York, is part of the character of these shows, the energy of being in the city. We trying to capture some of the energy, the energy of a day of New York in the opening credits. And that what it about.

As they consider the contenders for 2020, Democrats should keep the generational gap in mind. President Trump really has no idea how regular people, especially nonwhites, live; his record of racism speaks for itself, and he has lived in a millionaire billionaire bubble for 70 plus years. The candidate who goes up against him, if Democrats are savvy, should be able to accurately characterize Trump as clueless and lacking empathy and intellectual curiosity.