I think this becomes a 1st or 14th amendment case the second the city removes them without cause. The “oh, you’ve nothing wrong in the market but sell tomatoes, but you just can’t do it here because you’re white supremacists” is the wrong choice. It needs to be “oh we caught slipping out racist propaganda in your bags, so out you go because that violates this policy” is the right one..

The end of the day we looking for the win, said Luongo. He gets his 1,000th then more power to him, but we take the two points and give him the one. Burrows spent a lot of time playing with the Sedins on Vancouver top line during the club heyday and said it would be fitting if the milestone point came on one of the mesmerizing sequences the twins made famous..

The year long project, which launched in November, was designed to speed up the 504 King streetcar, theToronto Transit Commission most popular surface route. It sees the Bathurst to Jarvis stretch of King Street prioritize streetcars by forcing car traffic to divert at most intersections. There is also no on street parking..

CHRIS:Now we just witnessed an all time great Super Bowl performance by an all time great player, Tom Brady. I’m even willing to give him an “arguably” when it comes to being the greatest football player at any position. But some of you out there are going too far.

I understood it but I knew I would play hell explaining it. Now, even the suggestion of buying a bakery would not get me out of this doghouse. Yepstupid is as stupid does and ol’ stupid was feeling pretty stupid at the moment.. Iridium lens coating tunes light transmission. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z80.3 optical and impact standards. Made in the USA.

Parker was averaging a career high 20.1 points and 6.2 rebounds as one of the Bucks franchise cornerstones and the team second leading scorer. Until Wednesday, he showed no signs that the knee was giving him trouble, consistently making explosive drives to the bucket. Parker went down after making minimal contact with his body with defender Luke Babbitt on a drive to the lane..

Obama won because he cares, sincere , really wants the middle class to survive and yes the poor you republicans forget about, our President wants to help them. I hope Palin studies hard or hangs out with really smart people. I hope I never live long enough to see our country handed back over to the republicans.

While Melanchthon is widely recognized to have played a crucial role in the Reformation of the Church in the sixteenth century as well as in the Renaissance in Northern Europe, he has in general received relatively little scholarly attention, few have attempted to explore his philosophy in depth, and those who have examined his philosophical work have come to contradictory or less than helpful conclusions about it. He has been regarded as an Aristotelian, a Platonist, a philosophical eclectic, and as having been torn between Renaissance humanism and Evangelical theology. An understanding of the way Melanchthon related faith and reason awaits a well founded and accurate account of his philosophy..