0.34 oz. Made in USA. HOW TO USE IT To use, apply it on the affected area, proceed with pressure point massage on the body and for face use gentle, circular motions, avoiding eye area. Los Angeles jumped to a 26 18 lead in the first quarter in which Paul scored eight points and Jordan grabbed nine rebounds. But with Paul on the bench at the start of the second period, Chicago went on a 12 2 run to go up 30 28. Mirotic had eight of his 11 points in the quarter..

In form paceman Ben Oakley holds the key to Wests/UC turning the tables on Eastlake and taking valuable momentum into the Douglas Cup finals. Having had a reduced workload in the rain affected Futures League clash in Brisbane during the week, the ACT Comets spearhead will be fresh for the opening day of the two day match at Jamison Oval, starting on Saturday. That spells danger for Eastlake as the Demons aim to string together a remarkable four straight outright victory.

Its partial roof offers shade to a large part of the stands, which provides comfort without ruining the “outdoor” feel of watching the game. The grounds are impeccable, there is ample parking, and its bright blue seats are actually pretty comfortable for molded plastic. The concession areas are well placed, offering a variety of standard fare at different locations so that not a lot of walking is necessary to get your hot dog and beer, and smaller vendors set up booths of more unique items at the end of the walkways, out of the way of traffic patterns.

A simple book with simple principles, reminding us to Uplift Our Loved Ones; that our words matter. Through everyday photos, Lauri.’s voice brings to life this time honored truth as she encourages us to be nicer to each other, especially in our own homes. She cautions us that criticism is not a love language; that criticism, name calling, and “teasing” are forms of bullying, giving our loved ones mixed messages and feelings of being unlovable, unwanted, and hopeless.

So our waitress is filling in. I ask her which pie’s the most popular. Toll House, she says, then turns to greet a group of sheriff’s deputies who have come in through the back door. This particular representative refused to go to a debate that would’ve been hosted at the high school because (as he told the person who my alumni coach was campaign managing for) that he would in fact, not be attending the debate because he simply did not have time in his schedule. For weeks he said this and then one day my coach looked into it, unofficially this guy might’ve been involved in a laundering scheme into his own campaign fund and pocketing a % of it so no money would ever be missing and he could get free money. He never showed up for a debate, and despite there being “an official investigation” he was never charged.