This view is supported by Police Scotland.”Rangers believe it was correct procedure to wait until after the debriefing, called by East Ayrshire Council’s legal services department, who issue the safety certificate for Rugby Park, before commenting.”Although there has been an attempt to roll everything that happened at Rugby Park into one issue it is important to retain a sense of perspective and balance. The congestion before the match had no bearing on what happened at the end of the game when Rangers fans went on to the pitch to celebrate a late winning goal.”Their presence on the pitch cannot be condoned and Rangers are working with Police Scotland to identify and trace those who crossed the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.”The same applies to the handful of fans who jumped on to the roof of the enclosure reserved for disabled supporters causing that covering to collapse. Their behaviour endangered the safety of their fellow fans and we are fortunate no one was badly hurt.

Ever since the European Figure Skating Championships kicked off in the late 19th century, in 1891 precisely, figure skating as a sport has evolved in quantum scale. The evolution figure skating took has been so dramatic that today some even doubt whether “figure skating” as we know it today is really “figure skating”, because “figure skating” was originally all about “compulsory figures” in which skaters were meant to do well in drawing geometric shapes on ice using the blade of their skates and would be judged on how well they did. Compulsory figures were nothing like today’s figure skating let alone no skaters today are competing for compulsory figures, from which the “figure” of figure skating was actually derived.

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