Huntington’s is a fatal, incurable genetic disorder that breaks down nerve cells in the brain, according to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. It erodes a person’s physical and mental abilities. Symptoms usually appear between ages 30 and 50 and worsen over a 10 to 25 year period.Ribich said Reed’s disease was at stage four the next to last stage and he couldn’t walk unassisted.Ribich said the caregiver who put Reed in the bath had only been there two and a half weeks.

The flight crew everything in its power to save passenger lives and provide emergency assistance to those involved, another short release said. They were unable to save all of those aboard. Captain was the last to leave the burning aircraft, the airline added, and offered its condolences to the passengers and their families.

Extra Notes: Juliette brought over her family famous larder of gourmet bourbon, and it flowed all night. Curly made the foolish decision to challenge Dallas to a drinking contest. He obviously lost. The sale was made (for very expensive face creams) and we had a very happy Malaysian tourist and an even happier sales lady. The lady hugged Lissette repeatedly. It was memorable to Lissette because as a Latina she had been nervous about how locals would react to her in Spain but in the month we were there the people were incredibly warm and we learned that language, and not colour, is the unifying factor in Spain..

The Bad Face of CapitalismI WANT TO START WITH THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF CAPITALISM (seen as the boom bust cycles prior to WW II in the Chart above) because it seemed like a good idea to end on a positive note. Why? Since, on the whole, capitalism is the best thing going it only makes sense to emphasize it. But, if it can’t overcome the negatives, capitalism disappears and some sort of dictatorship will take its place..

Every individual comes into marriage with his/her own preconceived ideas about the duties of a husband and a wife. There is no right or wrong way to figure who does what. The most important thing is for a couple to have a mutual understanding of each person’s role as they try to work through the responsibility of their household together.

Perhaps it’s because of this that fathers have become the new social media sensations. His tweets share his daily struggles raising four girls, summarized in four lines of dialogue that are almost all prime examples of dad jokes. Elsewhere, the reddit page r/dadjokes, a forum where users share “jokes that make you laugh and cringe in equal measure,” has 1.7 million subscribers..