The Clippers also have age on their side. The Lakers have eight players over 30 on their roster, and their playoff performance last year proved that they won’t be able to hide that age forever. On the other hand, the Clippers only have three players in their 30s, and two of them are Chauncey Billups and Caron Butler..

But to be fair, it literally an article on an e mail marketting website. Cheap plastic. Very poor fit. Asking for a friend: Any leads on what this book might be? “Two girls become friends. Girl 1 realizes she’s gay and gets a girlfriend, through which girl 2 realizes she’s in love with girl 1. They lose touch until years later, when they are both grown.

7. In traditional Mary Sue style, the canon lover is immediately attracted to the MS. They begin to flirt right away and very quickly become friends. Many of the Welsh courting and marriage customs disappeared once the Industrial Revolution changed the look and nature of the country. Some, however, have evolved and are still in use today. They remain a fascinating glimpse of a way of life that has gone forever and on 29 February they are at least worthy of being remembered..

In orthopedic medicine, a lot of times, symptoms are unique and subjective in nature. It is necessary for the physician to know how your pain feels, where it is located, when it is worse, when it is better, what makes it worse, whether it radiates to other body parts, and whether it was caused by one trauma or specific activity. All of these questions help the doctor to formulate a treatment plan that is aimed at treating your specific problem.

Once the weather cleared on Saturday there have been a lot of people,” Ms James said. “Today (Sunday) has been really busy, people really seem to like taking their time and looking at all the stalls.” Such a major influx of people brings with it potential law and order issues but Port Fairy police have praised crowd behaviour over the weekend. Sergeant Mick Wolfe said there had been a few minor issues, including under age drinking and one person caught drink driving, but overall police were pleased.

Wicked Weed Brewing, which technically opened on December 28, 2012, continues to gain national attention as one of the best up and coming breweries in the US. Back to back gold medal wins at GABF and an unending desire to put out unique beers, has kept their Biltmore Avenue tasting room packed since day one. The brewery expected to produce 1,200 BBLs their first year, but instead put out 2,800.