Everyone really agrees with this, because everyone knows when we speak of “the United States” speaking with “Germany” we know this means Donald Trump, or someone appointed by Donald Trump, speaking with Angela Merkel, or someone appointed by her. We can argue over the real sovereign, and some Americans, for example, out of frustration, will claim that the Supreme Court really rules but until Chief Justice Roberts starts issuing orders to the special forces I think I’ll stick with the sovereignty of the President. Still, in a genuine emergency, everyone would look to the President to act, and unless all sense of national unity and purpose has been drained out of the country, the states and courts would defer to him, and Congress would facilitate his activity with enabling legislation..

GWEP has tapped Dr. Candace Harrington, an adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner and clinical professor in the College of Nursing, to lead a subgrant geared toward treatment of opioid and substance abuse. Roberson said they plan to train nurse practitioners and physician assistants to receive the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) certification required of providers to prescribe certain medications, such as Suboxone and buprenorphine, which are used in treating opioid addiction.

18. I have spoken so far of how state and society, government and citizen, must see each other and must cooperate with each other. I would like to turn to how we Indians should see one another how we should have the same expectations from and regard for fellow citizens as we would expect them to have from and for us.

This offers India several benefits. First, the scope for elimination of diesel subsidy. While the government has been steadily increasing the retail price of diesel in the domestic market, the fall in oil prices has nearly wiped off the need for subsidised support.

They gave us tinsel on Christmas trees. Apparently There is an old Ukrainian legend that describes a woman and her children setting up their tree on Christmas Eve before going to bed, being too poor to decorate it. During the night a spider spins webs all over the tree..

Upstart Chesapeake (3 2) visits No. Oakley’s save came after the Panthers had started the third period with a pair of quick goals to cut their deficit to 12 7. Coach Brien McMurray called a timeout and his Cougars came out and scored two more goals and put a lid on it..

Other Confusing Irregular PluralsThe plural of “alumna” is “alumnae” if the alumna is female. A male “alumnus” becomes plural “alumni.” I can’t seem to keep that one in my head! Here’s a common word: data. Although “data” is thought by many to be both the singular and plural, “datum” is technically the singular form.