And then, there was that cunning, nefarious tail of his! It followed him silently everywhere, and occasionally he would catch a glimpse of the scoundrel and chase it! Catching it, was another matter. However, he could sometimes grasp it for a few seconds before it loosed itself. He instinctively gravitated towards sleeping in baskets, boxes, and little nooks with soft linings..

The results could mark an important, historic shift. Since Saddam Hussein fall in 2003, the Kurdish government has held off on dreams of statehood, saying it would try working within a united Iraq, albeit with a large degree of autonomy. A vote for independence would proclaim their determination to go it alone..

Still, it isn’t being greeted with open arms everywhere. Even Alabama chef Frank Stitt, the godfather of the movement and the man who first blended French technique with Southern flavors, got himself a tongue lashing from Paula Deen on account of his “uppity” ways. (Deen, like so many Southern cooks, hews to that old time religion: “The more humble a dish is, the more like Granny’s, the better it is,” she says.) I’m sorry, Paula, but that’s a battle that is going to be lost.

Mrs Gaskell would have known the neoclassical courthouse, but not the heroically bonkers Gaskell Tower, stone built in her honour in 1907 by a local glove maker and inscribed with her novel titles. It’s now part of the Town Hall. She is buried, along with her husband, William, and two daughters, outside the Grade I listed Nonconformist Brook Street Chapel, just out of town..

As the car started, he would jump in at the last minute, and off he would go! When he drove the car on the highway, he would throw the car in neutral and “coast” down the hill to save gasoline. We made one trip just on Saturdays to buy supplies from the stores downtown. We didn’t hop in the car just to run to the store once or twice a day as people do now..

But funding for other CCS projects, including at a gas plant in the Swan Hills area north of Edmonton, were withdrawn and only the Quest and North West Refinery project were subsidized before the fund was wound down. The fund was widely criticized by Alberta NDP, which described the large scale CCS investments as an expensive and inefficient means of combatting climate change. When the NDP rose to power in 2015 in the province, it created a smaller fund to encourage new CCS technologies..

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