Brady is the only other three time winner and is currently close to even money to win a record fourth on Sunday. Is he the greatest QB of all time? Maybe, probably. Hard to quibble if you pick Montana but we like Brady a bit more. “It was about a drought that made the farmers penniless and how the banks had forced them off their land so they could sell it on to the big powerful corporations. What happened to the farmers of Oklahoma ultimately carved a deep and shameful scar across the American identity that was felt throughout the Twentieth Century,” Pascoe writes. That situation he describes is not dissimilar to the situation in Australia he is campaigning for and the sad story of Charlie Phillott, an elderly farmer from the rugged Carisbrooke Station at Winton in northern Queensland..

Dan Bejar, Destroyer frontman, sat down with Pitchfork to explain the lyrics of his new album, song by song. His explanation of Lost also offers a peek at the ethos of Destroyer as a whole: song seems built from the parts of rock roll. The first eight Destroyer records are in love with rock roll but they are constantly attacking on the language of rock roll are filled to the brim with concerns that you not supposed to find in a rock song..

There are a few exceptions of course. I rebuilt 3 totaled Ducatis. Each of them were literal tip overs off the kickstand. When they trembled at Rapid City in game 1 of their 3 game series there the past week, the IceMen saw their season opening 6 game undefeated streak severed; 6(5 0 1) in alien territory. Dating back to last season, the IceMen are 13(9 2 2) in their last 13 engagements abroad. The longest unblemished skein away from home bay has been 6(5 0 1); longest win streak has been 4 consecutively; 4(4 0 0)..

NAt rally in Steelton, Pennsylvania last night, Obama took the opportunity to jab Clinton for playing politics over his remarks. Obama went as far as tease Clinton’s previous hunting history, something Clinton began talking about on the stump when Obama’s comments were first reported. “She’s running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she values the Second Amendment, she’s talking like she’s Annie Oakley!, ” Obama said..

2. Damian Lewis Broke Bad: Everyone was so excited for Breaking Bad to come back. Instead, the British invasion came not from the direction of Downton Abbey, but from Homeland’s Damian Lewis. Mr. In accounting from the State University of New York at Albany. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of NAREIT and ICSC..