Native American Indian Berdache TraditionWell if you are considering writing about an aspect of American Indian life, what would you consider Tribal Dance? Warfare? Language? How about transgender role changes? It’s not a subject which perhaps springs immediately to mind, and I hasten to say it’s not a subject of any personal relevance, but still I found this a very interesting insight on a lesser known aspect of native culture. Berdaches apparently, were individuals who although often homosexual, were not necessarily so. They assumed the roles of the opposite sex for various reasons, including practicalities of inheritance, or due to the shortage of males or females needed to carry out the defined roles of each particular sex.

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So presumably PUP is free to distribute advertising material making it crystal clear it is backing its favoured “independents” Jennifer Stefanac in Newcastle andSuellen Wrightson in Charlestown. The only rule is that the electoral material can contain “matter that may mislead an elector in the casting of their vote”. “For example, an unregistered party cannot display the party name next to the candidate name on a how to vote card in a way that implies the ballot paper would look like that, or that the party is registered,” a commission spokesman said.

The very first day I walked over the site with Paul we could see natural golf holes there, waiting to be brought to life out of the countryside.”This really has been a unique opportunity and I say that after having designed more than 100 golf courses.”My only concern has been to preserve and enhance what is already here at Aviemore.”I would never have forgiven myself if we had reduced the attractiveness of the area in any way. But we haven It a picture postcard golf course of Highland beauty.”Apart from a course which will measure over 7,200 yards off the championship tees but considerably less from other teeing areasThis is Gleneagles and Loch Lomond rolled into one package. In Highland terms, the new Aviemore course is a deluxe version of Boat of Garten.What it going to be called? Project manager Mike Hastie from Aberdeen feels there might be some mileage in staging a public competition to come up with a name, as the Gleneagles Hotel management did.It was businessman Norman Lawrence suggestion of the Monarch Course that was accepted for the Jack Nicklaus design.Dalfaber is the name of the specific site; Aviemore is the area.