About 5 or 6 years ago I lost a little over 70 pounds and now maintain a weight between 145 and 155, but it still not a great body. I don look like the girls that the media praises for their thinness and beauty. If we saw more REAL women without all this photoshopping in the media, I know I would feel better about myself, but Hollywood wants us to believe we are not as amazing as these pea brained actors/actresses.

“We sat and watched the parade for the first time,” her daughter said. “The parade was her pride and joy. To actually hear the oohs and ahhs from people watching the parade . I didn’t know about this disease until now. I can empathize with the genetic mutation as I suffer from Heterozygous Factor V mutation (I basically have issues breaking down clots) and that has left me with an extensive DVT from my IVC to left ankle. Thank you for sharing this information, I look forward to reading more of your hubs.

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When Bloomberg throws an anti gun rally and nobody shows up except pro gunners and you have match after match on state capitals in support of gun rights, that shows low mobilization for anti gun agendas. You don mobilize, you don win. You take the more passive route and only vote for what you handed by somebody else, you don win.

But being an introvert is not only being considered shy sometimes it is a choice one makes, because they like being alone to think, investigate the world around them; and to delve into the inter working of one’s mind. To work on their dream project, their life’s work, to speculate on a new invention and so on. So, the point being is do not overlook the quiet co workers, next door neighbors, church members or anyone who is not an outgoing friendly person..

I’d say Oakley was probably the first person. On Day 2 of my NBA career at training camp, he comes up to me and he’s like, “I’m gonna make you an NBA player and teach you this game.”From there, I was just always asking questions. I wanted to be prepared and wanted to be as good as possible.