Many paintings and especially ukiyo e prints, such as the one above by Utagawa Kunisada, depict scenes from Japanese literature and poetry. Cherry blossoms have been a common theme and subject of both since the very beginning of Japanese literature These scenes were depicted in many of the popular ukiyo e series by artists of the Edo period, such as the above print by Utagawa Kunisada from his “Tale of Genji” series. Cherry blossom motifs can be found throughout “The Tale of Genji” and Kunisada captures the blossoms well in his print..

The owners swear they need both a ceiling on the amount they’re able to spend to re sign their own free agents and longer contracts for rookies so they aren’t obligated to lavish huge contracts on still unproven talent.What they’re really telling us, of course, is they have neither the restraint nor resolve to balance their own books. They must be saved not from the players but from themselves.It disturbs us that team officials are throwing a lot of money into the hands of a relative few. This past season, the 37 highest paid players accounted for one third of the total payroll while 22 percent of the players earned the minimum of $272,250.We’re really disturbed by teams who give short shrift to hard work and loyalty, whose bright idea of trimming expenses is to cut out the heart of a team and ship it to one of the sorriest franchises in the league in return for that old elixir, youth.The Knicks traded veteran role player Charles Oakley, he of the Herculean work ethic, to Toronto last week for Marcus Camby, a former No.

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Yes, yes, it’s acrylic, and acrylic dries quickly . But I’m talkin’ UBER quickly. Not normal quickly. Sponge sucking dry quickly . For each protocol, the performance of two tasks (detection of signals with unknown locations) was compared over a range of breast dose levels using a task based, signal detectability metric: the estimator of the area under the exponential free response relative operating characteristic curve, AFE. For large diameter/medium contrast signals, when maintaining equivalent AFE, the 80 kV partial, 80 kV, 120 kV partial, and 120 kV tube current modulated protocols reduced breast dose by 85%, 81%, 18%, and 6%, respectively, while the shielded protocol increased breast dose by 68%. Results for the small diameter/high contrast signal followed similar trends, but with smaller magnitude of the percent changes in dose.