Check for squeezing or slipping. Your glasses may sit centered on your face and at the correct height, but still feel a little bit loose or a little bit tight. You can adjust the tightness/looseness of your glasses by bowing the earpieces outwards or inwards, depending on your needs.

Catalan police later tweeted that a driver had run over two police officers at a security checkpoint in Barcelona and that the driver had been found near the city. The two officers suffered minor injuries and did not need hospital treatment, police said. It was unclear whether that incident was related to the terror attack..

Can’t There Be Dignity with Medical Procedures?I am beginning to think there can be no dignity with medical procedures and have decided just to do what I do best laugh it off! I recently had to have some procedures done because I found out that I had renal artery stenosis, and the story and comments below are directly related to that specific incident, though I’m throwing in a few from way back as well. Might as well get it all out of my system so to speak at once. In thinking further on it though, I’m thinking it should be mandatory to put some of these medical personnel through the same procedures who cares if they don’t NEED them? It would be good training and let some of us un dignified patients perform them! Maybe then they would have a look at how their ‘care’ is perceived to some of us more ‘delicate’ patients..

For a celebratory shrine on a special occasion, usually the opposite applies you want to make it grand, you want to do it up in a big way. Think of it as throwing a party, and your deities (or perhaps some other spirits, or even your ancestors) are the guests of honor. This is a great way to have a very festive and meaningful celebration; it’s what separates an ordinary day from a holy day..

My daughter and I still cry when we talk about him. We don’t know how he won our hearts over in such a short time. After Alex died we wanted another dog. I condemn and resent anyone who smokes tobacco in a crowd, and it’s not just because cigarette smoke smells like a literal death fog that clings to hair, skin, fabric, and everything else. It’s because it’s beyond rude: Thanks for exposing all of us, including precious children, to more than 7,000 chemicals and putting our hearts and lungs at risk of disease, assholes! But if you light up some Purple Haze or Lemon OG Kush at an outdoor music festival? I’m going to be that gif of Stanley from The Office nodding. Sure, some people in the crowd may be miffed because they “don’t like the way your reefer smells,” but you know what? Fuck them.