The mission is deniable. It’s been set up by a Glaswegian New Labour junior FO minister, and it’s clear to the reader that it’s a long way from being kosher. The minister is acting off his own bat, in collusion with some evidently dodgy people of the sort styled defence consultants.

Anyhow, the photos can even be displayed on the glasses’ outer lenses, and we’re betting that Oakley, already home to the MP3 player sunglasses, is pissed they didn’t come up with this first.In any case, these hi tec specs won’t be available for sale until much later this year. In the mean time, here are five moderately to extremely practical uses for the Lady Lenses, or Gaglasses.5. Your Lying EyesProject pictures of your own eyes onto the screens to improve on that old ploy to make people think that you’re fully alert.

In 2014, after my 4th (IIRC) MCL tear, I was told my knees were so damaged that further surgery was likely to just damage them more and that I should give up all forms of running. Too much prior damage to the MCL, the ACL, the meniscus and arthritic development. Paraphrasing, only slightly, the consultants words: “no more football (soccer), no more jogging, nothing.

31 with domestic battery, resisting a peace officer and interference with emergency communication in the 300 block of Woodcreek Drive. Aug. 29 in the 100 block of South Bolingbrook Drive. The study field!The study field for a marine geologist is interesting, very exiting and also enormous! The geology of the ocean floor includes about 71 % of the earth’s area. Since the major part of the working field is hidden beneath seawater the study is a little bit more difficult than for a geologist on land. As you all are aware of, because of the sea water marine geologists are unable to walk directly on the surface that are surveyed and to take samples often requires some kind of equipment such as vessels and methods developed for submarine sampling.

Oakley does a first rate job of setting the scene, describing the landscape, developing the characters, and conveying the tension and paranoia of the time. But she tips her hand too early, identifying the villains and showing us how blackhearted and conniving they are. It is undeniable that evil prevailed among the Nazis.

No further action was taken.”ICE has taken a prominent role in Washington’s global anti piracy efforts, even going so far as to publish a public service announcement on YouTube and linking to it from various file sharing domains that it’s seized.In confirming the FBI’s non involvement in Ungureanu’s detention, an agency spokesman added that Ungureanu actually works with the FBI on occasion.”Incidentally, we have a positive relationship with the person involved, and they contacted us,” said Todd Lindgren, an FBI public affairs officer based in Cincinnati. “He’s a routine liaison who works in the cyber field, and some of our cyber agents had a relationship with the guy.”The MPAA did not immediately respond to calls and an e mail requesting comment. Nor did Ungureanu himself.”While we’re huge fans of technology and innovation, wearing a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at the movie theater,” said Ryan Noonan, a spokesman for AMC.The incident offers a teaser for the kind of legal troubles Glass could cause not just on the highways but in other public settings where electronics are prohibited.