When you go to do laundry, get all the clothes and baggage started washing in the hottest water they will stand up to with plenty of detergent. Then go into the restroom with your Ziploc bag of laundry day clothes in hand. Take off the clothes you were wearing and stuff them in an empty Ziploc bag.

And in the context of going around knocking on doors and distributing leaflets and whatever in all fairness it is not something that older people find terribly easy to do”.When asked if he understood the possible interpretation of “fit young women” and the appropriateness of the comment he said “that is how you are choosing to interpret it”.He said: “I will say it repeatedly: fit means healthy”.Despite being asked again why he chose to bring up young healthy women at that moment, despite there being no prior mention of it in the conversation, he repeatedly answered that young people are needed to assist with canvassing, and he does not appear to have many young male followers.After more questioning to clarify his comments he said that the phrase and use of the word “fit” has the potential to be offensive.He said: “I would have to have been living in a cardboard box for the last 40 years not to have heard people use that kind of offensive language to women and about women.”(Image: Cambridge City Council)Explaining his word choice he said: “I have a very broad use of English language. I like to use English language, in what shall we call it a florid way. I don’t like using English in a dull flat manner, I like to play with English, and I suppose that also has different ways you could interpret.”I guess if you mention it then perhaps people who choose to read it the way you are saying they might choose to read it might take offence.”When asked if that was a reasonable interpretation of his comments by a reader he said: “In my opinion no but nothing on Twitter is ever what it seems.”When asked if he accepted it may appear that way without further clarification he said: “I guess if you are having trouble working it out then other people will have trouble working it out as well.”When asked if people may find the choice of language odd, he said: “Perhaps they will.

MILWAUKEE A 34 year old man involved in an officer involved shooting near 84th and Congress on Saturday, June 8 was convicted of first degree reckless homicide in in early 2002. He was charged with the crime when he was 15 years old. and was domestic violence related.

U16 Australian composition: 1 A. Hayward. U16 own choice: 1 A. A: The Heat could have and would have. What they didn’t have the ability to do was add additional quality pieces while also paying LeBron, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Had LeBron been willing to bend, then it was clear the Wade and Bosh would have done so, as well.