Picking up the narrative of the Renaissance “spiritual individual” where Burckhardt had left off, Cantimori traced the spiritual and geographical odyssey of Italy’s “heretics” who, from Valla and Pico in the fifteenth century to Faustino Sozzini in the sixteenth, fled first Catholic, then Lutheran repression, only to withdraw (ripiegamento) in the end into an intensely personal, Christocentric, and anti dogmatic evangelical piety. [10] Luigi Prosdocimi was exceptional in surveying church state relations in Milan over the intervening fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and in finding there the development of a “harmonious equilibrium” (1941, 17).In the post war years, Giorgio Falco’s profile of the “holy Roman republic” of the Middle Ages, and Raffaello Morghen’s vision of an essential Christian spirituality that infused medieval culture, drew the attention of Italian church historians back to the societas christiana of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Hubert Jedin’s proposal that the Counter Reformation be reappraised (and circumscribed) in relationship to a preceding movement of Catholic Reform, in turn refocused interest on the sixteenth century.

The movie itself is uniquely international: Snowpiercer is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean Marc Rochette. It’s directed by a Korean auteur and stars Hollywood A listers including Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris. The movie opened in South Korea last summer.

A large number of cuts have already taken place.South Ayrshire Council had to wade in with a loan to cover a shortfall. The IJB asked the council could it defer making the first repayment this year but the majority of councillors refused to discuss the matter. That triggered a rush to find last minute 819,000 cuts, which included Frank’s Law.Councillor Hugh Hunter said: “We were forced into this by the South Ayrshire Council administration refusing to consider the request for re profiling.”IJB chair Councillor Brian McGinley said: “I do understand that the IJB cannot keep asking the council to bail them out as both partners have their own resource restrictions to manage.”I have taken over recently as the Chair of the Board and am determined to bring about positive results.”The main difficulty is that the IJBs are being asked to transform ways of working without any substantial change to management resources which, together with phenomenal demand, is leading to budget overspends.”This means that change has to be delivered within existing resources at a time when resources are limited and demand is going through the roof.”This is a very tall order and we will need active and continuous support from the council and the health board to make this happen.”The 224 million health and social care service was breaching financial rules because it had no approved budget before Friday..