Streamlined/Tidied up my to do list for the third concept album. I basically have everything written down on a whiteboard next to me (best purchase ever made, do no regret at all), but it had gotten all disorganised over time; now it “here are the tracks you need to start writing, here are the rest of the planned tracks and what you need to do to finish writing them”. In doing so, I have finished the lyrics to at least two more of the planned 15 tracks.

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Payne, Randall N. Peacock, Amy L. Phillips, Eric D. Grossman’s popularity with the insiders who vote at the convention stems from his long history with the state party. He has been a heavy fund raiser for Democratic candidates over the years and served as both a state and national Democratic chairman in the 1990s. He also led the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, an organization regarded as one of the nation’s most effective lobbying groups.

The first of these species gets its name from its habit of creeping over the ground by sending out runners. Unlike most herbs included in recipes to make these ointments, the cinquefoils have no poisonous or hallucinogenic properties and are actually members of the very large rose family (Rosaceae). So why they got used by witches remains a mystery, unless they saw some significance in the leaves being divided into five leaflets.

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The Big Island of Hawaii, also named Hawaii, is the most diverse of all the Hawaiian Islands. You can travel around the Big Island in one day and go from white sand beaches to snow capped volcanoes; from cacti on cattle ranches to tropical rain forest; from black beaches to green sand beaches; and then on to live erupting volcanoes. All in one day!.