A landlord is dropping efforts to evict a tenant he said violated her lease by allowing her disabled daughter to stay in the home for five days with a service dog. Dawn Zammuto faced eviction from her mobile home because her landlords, Oakley and Donna Brann, said she broke the no pets clause in the lease. Maine state law prohibits discrimination in accommodations against someone with a service animal.

They expect a friendly comment back, for example; ”I’m fine, thank you and you?” They aren’t really asking you how your big toe is, the one you stubbed on the door getting up in the middle of the night to pee, because you have a urine infection. And the doctor told you to bring a stool sample next time you visit; just in case. The one you’ve now got stored in the fridge, till the next time.

Men like to invest in business casual shoes as they spend most of their day wearing them. They have to be unpretentious, classy, and comfortable and good looking enough for any social occasions thereafter. Oxfords are a big hit when it comes to making an impression on someone or walking in a conference room.

I was shocked at how succinct it felt despite the length scarcely a wasted word. There love, pain, fear, hope, humanity in every page. Each character, even Roy Fuckin Cohn, is treated with empathy and grace; they all, for better or worse, grow and change.

There is a reason Miles works so beautifully. They didn’t just change the skin tone to sell more shit and congratulate themselves, they worked hard to create a hero that encompassed everything about being a minority and spoke to children who could see themselves in him. One of the most distinguishing things about Ariel is her red hair.

We would have had our work cut out for us even if the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor hadn’t crippled the Navy. FDR’s fireside chats provided a mix of reassurance and call to action. From only 175,000 troops, enlistments and the draft brought the military to 8.5 million.

Teachers must stress to speech givers that they must know the interests and needs of their audience. When a fifth grader is giving a speech, he or she should be aware that his or her audience will consist of students in grades 1 12. Therefore, the student should prepare a speech on a topic which will be interesting and entertaining for all listeners.

The Oakley incident can be viewed as the nadir of the Knicks under Jackson and Dolan based on nothing more than Oakley having been a favorite of the fans and the media during his playing career and representing a past that is so far in the rearview mirror that a large bulk of younger fans are unlikely to believe it even existed in the first place. It occurred directly on the heels of a typically cryptic Jackson tweet that seemed to disparage Carmelo Anthony and sent the team president and “Zen master” into familiar spin control only contributes to their perceived dysfunction. If the Knicks were riding high and this happened, the reaction would have been that Oakley needs to know his place.