If you buy with cash, you pay only the price of the car. If you buy with a car loan, over the loan’s terms, you pay not only the price of the car, but all that interest on whatever amount you borrowed (price of car minus your down payment). Over the long term, you’re actually spending more money on the car than you would if you had paid cash.

What In a Name? Oh, Only Everything! Spelling of peoples’ names is another issue. For most people, their name is their primary identifying factor, so it is very important to get it right. Surnames are not usually found in spell check programs, (with the exception of very common names such as Smith or Jones), and will almost always be flagged as misspellings..

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (although versions before RSS 2.0 have been known by other names). RSS feeds are written in a computer language called XML, a special mark up language much like HTML This means that they have mechanisms included that identify structures in a document. The structures define the content and how that content will be displayed within that document.

For a side dish, we made Kelo Henderson’s Cheesy But True Grits. Henderson, we learned from the cookbook, was a trick gun artist who starred as Arizona Ranger Clint Travis in the 1950s TV series 26 Men. The book provides background on all the cow folk whose recipes are featured and photos of most of them, including Henderson..

They want just a meeting chairman, the more anonymous the better cue the inoffensive Mr Van Rompuy or the ultimate small nation Eurocrat like Luxembourg’s Jean Claude Juncker.It is said that the whole idea of the EU having a permanent President of the Council of Ministers was sparked years ago by an alleged complaint from Henry Kissinger in his time as Secretary of State: “Who do I call when I want to speak to Europe?”. Europe has responded to that question with years of constitution mongering, referendum reverses and treaty finagling which have bored its citizens to death.Now the EU leaders are likely to end up not with the best candidate for the job should they ever manage to define that but the one who offends the least number of those making the choice. And the tragedy of that is that the new position is so poorly outlined by the Lisbon Treaty, which sets it up, that it will inevitably be defined by the first person to hold the office.Even if EU leaders do agree on someone to fill the post at this week’s meeting, we are likely to have only a partial answer to the Kissinger question.