Jones himself admitted the play wasn’t called for him, but as his options dwindled to pass, he saw the rim, squared up and hit the deep three from the “U” in ETSU on the floor. The Bucs got the ball in and looked for a half court option. Ronrico White provided pressure and the shot was off for the win..

While most of Jacksonville’s big name Southern Rock acts continued on through the 80s, much of decade proved to be pretty quiet for our fair city. Sure, there were a few acts here and there that made minor waves, but nothing truly substantial came out of Jax until the Miami bass insurgence of the early 90s. The fad brought three local acts out of obscurity including 95 South, whose 1993 single ‘Whoot, There It Is’ reached 11 on the Billboard charts (not to be confused with Tag Team’s ‘Whoomp! There It Is,’ which was released a month later).

The conversation led us to the conclusion that Frank Upton may have had a large part in placing mom in the Manzer home. Mom felt “the Upton’s would have known what wonderful parents the Manzer’s would be. Could have John Dodge’s personal secretary Frank Upton had arranged for mom to be placed in the Manzer’s home? He certainly knew they would be good parents, knowing they were good Christians, and childless..

As much as I hate to admit it, the voting public has not yet shifted to a place where a woman can be voted into the highest office in the land. We are close, but we are not quite there. Or who fucking knows, maybe those two asshats were an outlier, but I suspect not.

Then on Wednesday, I spoke to George Solomon’s University of Maryland journalism class, which is why I’ve been so unproductive. And he told me, and his students, that the Dexter Brennan relationship was sort of legendary in women in the locker room circles. So I went back to the archives.

One of the March 30 letters about the proposed plastic bag ban in Minneapolis commented that the proposal comes down to microcosm of the basic divide that exists in this country. No doubt, many people are increasingly viewing virtually all issues through red or blue lenses. This creates a world in which complex issues are dangerously oversimplified and where an individual positions can be reliably predicted based solely on their party affiliation, the color of their skin or where they live.

Hi, I am stand up comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Films I star in are unlikely to win any Oscars or be remembered when I am dead, so believe me hosting the Academy Awards was my best shot at immortality.Like anyone ambitious enough to have a Hollywood career, I have said thousands of things I did not mean in public to please and pacify other people. But enough is enough.So, I am not going to say that I won apologize, then walk it back, nor am I going to couch my frustration in sentimentality, or the psychobabble of self empowerment (though look how far that got me!).