These weighted ceremonial garments feel at once ghostly and corporeal. Hammond constructed them from scraps of cloth ripped from worn out clothing, curtains, and bed linens donated by friends fellow lesbians, feminists, artists. She dipped the fabric in thinned acrylic paint to saturate it, weathering and toughening its surface, then tied and stitched the pieces together.

Vernon, NY.The Rose YM YWHA, which is close to major arteries and public transportation, will most likely sell as a mixed use development. The property was used as a school/civic center and YM YWHA health club facility until the summer of 2005.Built in 1952, the Rose YM YWHA has a long history of serving the residents of Mount Vernon and its current owners would like to see the property’s next incarnation remain an asset to the Mt. Vernon community.Cushman Wakefield’s Patrick Colwell, senior director of the firm’s Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group, together with Glenn Walsh, senior director, Cushman Wakefield brokerage services in Westchester County, will handle the marketing of the property and procurement of the purchaser.”This is a unique opportunity to acquire a mixed use development site in supply constrained lower Westchester County, said Mr.

BrownSpencer T. Dambro from Sheila T. DambroJames C. The original recipe says use 1Ib (450gms) of New Potatoes. Just boiled and served whole with a knob of butter (margarine) with vegetables and vegetarian gravy. Small. In June 2010, Rudd was ousted in an inner party coup, orchestrated by a handful of Labor and trade union powerbrokers with close connections to the US embassy, and replaced by Julia Gillard. While millions of ordinary working people were profoundly shocked by this anti democratic act, the pseudo lefts immediately sought to downplay its significance. The Socialist Alternative headlined its comment on the coup: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”.

Get into the habit of locking your vehicle at all times. Thieves are often very lazy; if your vehicle is locked they move on to find another victim. Remember Lock It or Lose It!. The certification process lasts between three to six months and can be carried out using internal resources, or by engaging a third party consultant who specializes in B Corp certification yes, they exist. So far, more than 1,200 companies across 41 countries and 121 industries have completed the process. The cost of certification is based on annual revenue, ranging from as little as $500 a year to $25,000 for major multinationals.